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“IP FAVORIT” CLS offers a wide range of investment services:

1. Securities trading.
Trading in corporate securities on the stock exchange and the OTC market;
Trading in government securities on the secondary market;
Repo transactions on corporate and government securities;

“IP FAVORIT” CLS offers individual investment opportunities to each client, according to his/her preferences and financial resources, aiming to meet the highest standards executing each transaction.

2. Transfer agent services.
Since 2002 “IP FAVORIT” CLS acts as a transfer agent with the Central Depository. These services include transfer of ownership of securities directly negotiated between the clients, transfers in case of legacy and donation, duplicates of depository sertificates.

3. Trading in compensatory instruments.
Since September 2002, compensatory instruments are traded on the floor of Bulgarian Stock Exchange.
“IP FAVORIT” CLS offers very competitive fees for transactions with all kinds of compensatory instruments.

4. Consulting and analysis of companies in respect to their financing decisions, capital structure, industrial strategy and related issues, consultations and services related to corporate restructures, mergers, acquisitions and takeovers.

“IP FAVORIT” CLS offers to corporate clients various financial services:
Preparation of analyses and consultations regarding the financial decisions of companies;
Preparation of analyses and consultations regarding the capital structure and industrial strategy of companies;
Preparation of analyses and consultations regarding corporate restructures, mergers, acquisitions and takeovers of companies;
Preparation of investment projects and business plans for bank credits;
Preparation of financial analyses of companies.

5. Preparation of initial public offering of securities.

“IP FAVORIT” CLS offers preparation of prospectuses for initial public or private offering of securities and placement of new shares and bonds.
“IP FAVORIT” CLS has organized the private offering of five corporate bond issues of “AutoBohemia” CLS for more than 20 000 000 BGN. This bond issues were afterwards registrated with the Financial Supervision Commission and listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, being now among the most liquid and traded corporate bonds. Many institutional and individual investors, banks and pension funds include in their portfolios the bonds of “AutoBohemia” CLS.

6. Custodian services.
“IP FAVORIT” CLS offers custodian services on Bulgarian stocks and representation to shareholders meetings.