“IP FAVORIT” CLS is a Bulgarian brokerage company licensed for trading in corporate securities, management of portfolios, investment consultancy and equity research. Other services include: consulting and analysis of companies in respect to their financing decisions, capital structure, industrial strategy and related issues, consultations and services related to corporate restructures, mergers, acquisitions and takeovers, preparation of prospectuses for initial public offering of securities, representation to shareholders meetings.

“IP FAVORIT” CLS is a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia and the Central Depository.

“IP FAVORIT” CLS was established in 1998 and is one of the most active brokers in terms of number and volume of transactions on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and the OTC market as well.

Sofia 1000
25 A. Kanchev St.5
ňĺë. 3592/ 981 34 69, 3592/ 981 34 68
e-mail: info@ipfavorit.com

Plovdiv 4002 .
93 Vasil Aprilov” bul
tel. 35932/ 64 39 82